In today’s globalized world, there is a high demand for businesses to expand their products and services to reach customers in different countries with different languages. Translation plays a crucial role in achieving this goal. Opting for online translation services can offer several benefits, but choosing the right translator is essential for the success of the project. It depends on the project’s requirements, such as the format, languages needed, and target audience. A translator who is a native speaker is ideal, but expertise in the language is equally important, even if they are not a native speaker. Therefore, it is crucial to select the best translator for the job. We maintain transparency with our clients and follow a specific translation process that has helped us achieve success over time.

We keep transparency with our clients. So here is the process of Translation by which we are achieving success day by day.

  • Quote Request from Client: In this very first step we get the quote request from a client for their project in which the client mentions their requirements and ask about their queries.
  • Price Quotation Sent: Coming to the next step, the price quotation is sent to us for the particular project.
  • Client Confirmation: If the client is satisfied (which happens in most cases) with the price quotation, they confirm with us.
  • Project Manager Assigned: In this step, after all the confirmations the project is assigned to the project manager for further process.
  • Task Assigned to First Domain-Specific Translator: In this step, the relatively assigned project executive assigns the project to the domain-specific translator for further translation as per requirements.
  • Task Assigned to Second Domain-Specific Translator: After completing the translation work, the project is assigned to a second domain-specific translator i.e., for editing purposes.
  • Final Reviewed by Manager: Then the project comes back to the project manager’s hands for the final review. In case of any changes, the translated document is resent to the second domain-specific translator to make changes as per the requirement of the client.
  • Document Sent to Client: After the completion of the project, finally, the translated project is sent to the client.