Micrometa World is a globally connected company that specializes in providing transcription services in more than 250 languages. With offices in Boston (United States), Paris (France), and India, we offer our services to organizations and individuals who require transcription of spoken content into written or electronic form. Our transcription services can be carried out in various ways, such as sending transcribers/human resources to live events or accepting recorded speech in different formats like CDs, cassettes, or sound files. We offer flexible pricing options, charging per word, line, minute, or hour, depending on the client’s preference. Our transcription services may be done in the same language or translated into a different target language based on the client’s specific requirements. The transcription process involves two key stages, where a native-speaking linguist listens or watches the recording and transcribes the spoken words into written form. The transcribed text can then be translated into the target language by one of our professional native translators, as per the client’s project needs.

Transcription Services Mix:

Micrometa World offers a wide range of transcription services to cater to various industries and purposes. Our transcription services include business transcription, which involves transcribing meetings, seminars, speeches, conferences, and other business-related events. We also provide market research transcription services for focus groups, interviews, and surveys conducted face-to-face or over the phone. Our academic transcription services cover lectures, seminars, research, academic interviews, dissertations, and theses. For legal purposes, we offer transcription services for depositions and hearings. We also provide medical transcription services for patient records, medical conferences, and other medical-related content. Finally, our media transcription services include transcribing scripts, journalistic interviews, subtitling, captioning, and other media-related content. Our team of professional linguists and native speakers ensure accuracy and quality in our transcription services, delivered within the client’s specified timeline.

Transcription file formats:

  • Digital Audio Files (MP3, MP4, DSS, Olympus Digital dictation, Real Player, WAV, WMA)
  • Analogy (cassettes, CDs, DVDs, podcasts, videos)

At Micrometa World, we provide verbatim transcription and translation services for foreign language content. Our expert linguists are trained to capture every spoken word, including fillers such as “ah,” “uh,” and “umm,” as well as throat clearing, incomplete sentences, pauses, laughter, and other sounds that are typical in spoken language. This type of transcription takes longer to complete, but it is essential for job interviews, police investigations, and court cases where non-verbal cues and reactions of the speaker are just as important as the spoken words themselves. Our linguists ensure accuracy and quality in our verbatim transcription and translation services, providing clients with a comprehensive and detailed record of the spoken content in the original language and translated into the target language as per their requirements.

Micrometa World offers clean verbatim transcription and translation services, which involves omitting non-essential elements such as “uh,” “um,” laughter, and pauses. Our linguists have the flexibility to edit and improve the transcript by correcting any grammatical errors or incomplete sentences, while also removing any irrelevant content that is not pertinent to the subject matter. This service provides the best value for clients who require a high level of accuracy and efficiency while also being mindful of their time and budget constraints. Our team of experienced linguists ensures that our clean verbatim transcription and translation services meet the highest standards of quality and accuracy, delivering a polished and refined transcript that meets our clients’ specific needs and requirements.