Subtitling involves adding text to an audio-visual medium, such as a film, television show, or promotional video, to convey the message that is being spoken in a different language or to provide accessibility to audiences with hearing impairments. The subtitles are typically displayed at the bottom of the screen, synchronized with the audio and video content, and may include translations of dialogue, captions for sound effects, and descriptions of other audio elements such as music or background noise.Subtitling is an important process for making audio-visual content accessible to a global audience and can help to break down language and cultural barriers. It is also a valuable tool for providing accessibility to audiences with hearing impairments, allowing them to enjoy and understand the content on an equal basis with other viewers.The subtitling process typically involves transcribing the audio content, translating it into the desired language, and then synchronizing the text with the audio and video content. The goal is to create subtitles that accurately convey the intended message and emotions of the original content while remaining readable and easy to follow for the audience.

We handle any subtitle format:

As a subtitling service provider, Micrometa World handle various subtitle file formats based on client requirements. Common subtitle file formats include SRT, SBV, SUB, SCC, and XIF, and it is essential to be able to work with these formats efficiently. In addition to these basic file formats, some clients may require more advanced formats, such as semi-transparent subtitle formats like WebVTT or HTML5.It is important to have the technical expertise and tools necessary to handle these advanced formats. Being able to handle a wide range of subtitle file formats ensures that clients can receive the final output in the format that best suits their needs and can easily integrate the subtitles into their existing video content. It is also important to ensure that the subtitles are correctly synced with the audio and video content, and that the formatting is consistent and easy to read for viewers.